Monday, June 15, 2009

Bank Of America SUCKS!!!

I know this has nothing to do with books, but I wanted to get this out to as many people as possible!
I promised them I would let everyone know how bad they suck and this post is to follow up on that promise. If it will save anyone else the crap I have had to go through then it is worth it. They screw you out of fees for overdraft "protection", even when they are using your own money from savings. They had already pulled 3 overdraft fees out of my account without contacting me or taking the money out of my savings account on the basis that "people object to paying the 10 dollars for that service". They had no problems in charging me 35 dollars three times without my permission! I am incredibly pissed, so this may not make sense to everyone, but I wanted to warn people to avoid BOA at all costs!!!


Dr. D-welz ... said...

Another story about how Bank of America Sucks.

I don't call BofA often, because I really don't need to. However, i can't but notice how pathetic their customer service is. First I spend >5minutes on hold before I get a rude representative. My call this time around was for unintentional overdraft charges. I never, ever run into overdrafts. I don't quite know what happened, but I ended up with 6 charges totaling $210. Needless to say the transactions themselves were but a small fraction compared to the charges.
I get a representative who offers me $86 write-off. I plead for additional mercy, then decide to talk with her supervisor. I wait over 10 minutes before the guy picks up. He then proceeds to tell me, in the rudest and most demeaning tone imaginable, that he can only offer me a $51 write-off and that the prior offer is withdrawn. Have you heard of a customer service representative withdrawing a 'courtesy offer' after the customer waisted a good 25 minutes just getting to speak with him? Perhaps, it should teach me a lesson that these banks are ruthless loan sharks.
I have banked with BofA for over 9years, with an impeccable record... Bank of America really does sucks. I am not the only one with a extensive record that BofA has mistreated.
BofA carries its begging hat to the government for a bailout only to turn around and be ruthless and inconsiderate to even long term customers who are suffering from the irresponsible actions BofA and like entities.
Please spread the word until BofA gets the message. I will be leaving the bank at my earliest convenience.

Anonymous said...

Bank of America not only sucks they are also vicious and underhanded.

I was burned by Bank of America when they
made a $350.00 dollar mistake on my checking account and then refused to credit the funds back to my account.

I closed all my accounts with them and moved my money to a credit union.

I typed in Bank of America sucks just to see what would happen and I could not have been more surprised by the number of websites showing all the people who hate Bank of America and why.

I started read (all night long) and came to a Bank of America website that is also called Bank of America Sucks and read a post describing how cruel Bank of America is being with a family that will be evicted very soon in spite of repeatedly trying to work with the people at bank of America. The poster gave the website name as
and stated that the site can only be viewed with Internet Explorer which I have so I went to the site. This family’s unfolding story made me cry from so much anger that built up in me as I read.

How can Bank of America get away with this kind of inhuman treatment of anybody? Do we not care about victims of corporate savagery anymore?

The link is on the main page and it is called PBS case #9845 which takes you to a green page and this person unloads on Bank of America in a spectacular fashion so much so that I could not stop reading it.

I feel like I need to do something to stop Bank of America as no one else seems to be doing anything. I’m going to start by emailing my state representatives, and then our governor. I will definitely start emailing all my friends and contacts right now. Thanks you for letting me post here.

Anonymous said...

Thank's for your post. I am also a disgruntled BofA customer. They are an evil institution.

Anonymous said...

Did you see that they raised the minimum balance for "First Choice" personal checking to $750 (from $500)...and they raised the monthly service charge to from $7 to $9.95. Banks are making these moves to capitalize on since Obama signed the Credit Card Consumer Bill of Rights--which will supposedly help protect consumers from credit card industry fraud. It's corporate greed all around. I'm looking forward to the day that I pull out of BOA and invest my money to a credit union or some alternative money management this point the risk of that is worth not supporting a gluttonous corporate banking industry.

Christina said...

Thanks for commenting everyone. I took the opportunity to immediately close down all my accounts with BOA. I only wish I was able to talk to someone truly in charge when I did, so that I could tell them what I thought of them. They never once offered me a refund on ANY of the blatantly ridiculous fees they screwed me with so I was even worse off than some of you. I only wish that my accounts were so huge that they were gonna miss them, maybe then closing them would have made a difference. But until I am so rich that the crazy ass fees don't matter to me, I won't matter to them. Take it from me, people, get out while you can!

Lenore said...

I am transfering my account info to a credit union and as soon as I am up and running I will close my BofA accoutn. In the past two months they screwed my accounts up with their "banking errors" and immediately assesed overdraft fees to my accounts. They could care less what this did to me as a customer and told me that I will get the fees reveresd in 3/4 business days. They are had working 24/7 to take money out of your account, but when it comes to putting it back they are slow! I am putting the word out there to put strength in numbers and pedge on the facebook group "I hate bank of America" and pledge to close your account. Strenght in numbers right?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that I can't split my payments for my house payments, but BOA is willing to do so as long as I pay them $4 per transaction and allow them to take the money directly out of my account. They claim it is a difficult process them to keep track of my funds when I make two seperate payment, so that make sure to keep my account current. But, it seems to be a very EASY process when they generate the payments from their end. I HATE BANK OF AMERICA'S EXCUSSES. They would rather I default on my home loan then make two seperate payments.

Does anyone else have problem with BOA? Have they forgotten it was us that bailed them out?

Anonymous said...

BOA really does suck and I told them that. I live in the central valley in California and have seen a lot of stories recently on not only the local news but also the cnn news channel one about a young military guy who over drafted by like 2-3 dollars a few times that added up to more that 750.00 in over draft fees his parents got involved but had to go to the news media just to get the bank to put only small fraction back into his account ok here's another thing BOA did that is in my eyes wrong they took BILLIONS of tax payers money and the way it was suppose to work was that BOA and other banks were supposed to use that money to make loans to consumers to help jump start the economy but, what they did was use the money to buy more assets such as countrywide home loans which by the way had and still is a bad invest vestment because mortgage lending was one of the main reasons the whole economy went south in the first place, right? Well unlike most people I told BOA's rude customer non service rep that if enough customers got together and found a lawyer that was willing to file a class action suit they would be in big trouble just having to pay the lawyers to fight it and then the huge amount that they would have to pay back to the consumers and think about this for a minute I bet no matter what jury or judge heard the case most of them have been screwed at one time or another by BOA so good luck winning the suit BOA. They burnt too many bridges. I was to angry about how they manipulate the accounts to make sure they can charge the overdraft fees not to mention the min acct. balance fees that I have contacted an attorneys office who gave me the number to an attorney that handles class action suits here is the number it's here in California but I'm sure if enough people contact them they will be willing to take the case for a % of the settlement 209-546-7473. I want anyone who reads this post to know I have no connection to this law firm in anyway I just want to get through to BOA that they can not treat consumers the way they do that we can fight back if we consumers stand united against companies that take our tax dollars and then have the nerve to play with our accounts to steal from us is what I see it as and if you steal you need to pay the for your crimes and a law suit I'm thinking especially if the media gets wind of a pending suit it's always bad for business. Anyway if anyone wants to try to file a class action suit with me I can be reached by e-mail at
I plan to contact the attorney’s office tommow because it's after five and they are closed right now

Thank you.

rachel said...

i can't belive how much bofa really does suck i checked my account this morning in my checking it said i was negative 808,098 while yesterday i had a balance of like 30 dollars ok first off im on unemployment and second i just opened the account a week ago how the hell does this happen my direct deposit just started and they are not willing to give my funds to me im really upset becuase theres to days left till x-mas and i have no money Thanks alot bofa u suck ass any advice for me anyone

Kate said...

Geez -- seems to be out of service. Wonder what happened there?
Anyway, here's how BOA sucks for me:
My mortgage was sold to them by Countrywide. Two years ago, I put my property on the market (anyone want a condo in Pagosa Springs, Colorado?)because I had to move for my business. I got my ONE AND ONLY OFFER in September. I called them and said I'd like to do a short sale on my property. They said, "Oh, sure, just send us this, this and this." So I was very relieved and sent in all my paperwork. I was told that it would be settled in 45 days. We waited and waited. No calls, no emails, nothing. So October 4, I called them and asked about how the process was going. They replied that they'd never heard of me, had no record of an attempt to short sale, never received any of the "this, this and this" and I would have to send it again. I had patient buyers and they agreed to extend the contract. I was told it would be taken care of in 45 days. No calls, no emails, nothing. On November 4, I check in again. They never heard of me, never got the "this, this and this" and I'd have to start over. My buyers became a little less patient. We waited. No negotiator, no phone call, no emails. December 4 my buyer wanted to pull out of the deal. I called BOA. After instructing them to stop patronizing me ("I apologize for the inconvenience....") and PLEASE HELP ME!!! By this call, I was in tears. I explained that time was of the essence. I got hold of a "supervisor" named Stephanie O'Brien. She said she needed "this, this and this" so I put together the whole package again and sent it to her. She said we'd hear from a negotiator in 48 hours. Well, it's now January 26th. I have heard nothing. My buyers bought another property and I'm 4 months behind on my mortgage payment.
Thanks, BANK OF F**KING AMERICA! This is nothing short of treasonous business practices and we are dealing with economic terrorists here.
I hope they enjoy my condo. When I'm finished with it, it will be a shell.

james said...

Bank of America closed my account the day before my social security direct deposit went into my account finally got the cashiers check for it twelve days later then they refused to cash it IM stuck with late fees for rent and car payments. horrible thieving people.