Sunday, June 1, 2008

Because Your Vampire Said So

This is the third and latest installment in the Michele Bardsley series about Broken Heart, Oklahoma. Is is about a group of single parents who get turned into vampires after a creature runs rampant and kills them all in a single night. They all miraculously survive their turnings and "live" to learn about their new lifestyle. This book focuses on Patsy Donahue, owner of the local hair salon and a rogue werewolf/vampire hybrid who is shunned by both of the races. Gabriel is convinced that Patsy is destined to save the werewolves, but Patsy is just trying to stay afloat with her rapidly declining business and her troubled teenage son.

Michele Bardsley alternates chapters with tales of the Ancients and how they were turned, giving us a fascinating look at how the Vampire society was originally formed. The book flows well despite these "action breaks" and they blend in seamlessly with the current story being told. I honestly can't imagine Patsy and Gabriel's story without these tales being included.

Ms. Bardsley, as always, has crafted a wonderful story, full of emotion, great characters, and some sex scenes that will steam up your glasses! Buy it at any bookseller, if they don't have it in stock then make them order three of them, LOL!
Here is an Amazon link if you are so inclined.


Melissa said...

Nice review! I just won that book on another site and then had to buy the first two... which my sister then proceeded to steal! But she read them last week so hopefully THIS week I'll get to dive in! Thanks! And congrats on the new site!


Michele Bardsley said...

I love this book! Of course, I wrote it. LOL. Thanks for the review, Cici. I'm honored that BECAUSE YOUR VAMPIRE SAID SO was your first book review on your new site. Woot!

~Linda~ said...

Way to go Cici!
Congrats Michele one another great review!

Rachel said...

Great review! I love this series. Can't wait for the next installment. :)

Mark said...

Good luck with the site!

Anonymous said...

Great review. Will bookmark your site


Crazy Lady said...

Michele Rocks! :)